Welcome! I’m Cayla Atha, the creator of The Savvy Spoon. I was born and raised in California but have called Dallas, Texas my home for over ten years after meeting my hubby Tyler in college at Southern Methodist University. I am a Pilates and HIIT workout instructor of 7 years at a studio here in Dallas and I love sharing workouts, tips and athletic gear. I’m also excited to be a mama of fraternal twins (!!) due in Spring 2022 after a year long struggle with infertility that I openly shared on my Instagram page.

I love food: planning it, selecting it, preparing it, sharing it and of course, eating it! It’s a way of sharing love and creating community with others. But just as many of our relationships in life, sometimes that love brings with it some stress. The simplest “what am I going to make for dinner tonight?” quite often can induce extreme mid-afternoon anxiety, after all. Especially when it comes to making something that is “healthy” but crave-worthy by everyone in your family.

With terms like “green,” “clean,” “organic,” “non-GMO,” “gluten-free,” “paleo,” “non-dairy,” “low-carb,” “anti-inflammatory” being pushed in society… AH! There’s no wonder there’s so much confusion on what “healthy” eating looks like. My goal is to help you navigate the delicious world we live in through health-conscious recipes that make cooking (and eating) more fun and satisfying without busting the calorie bank.

My whole approach to healthy living starts with living happier. When you focus on creating healthy relationships with yourself and putting your happiness first, eating better comes as second nature. You’ll love how eating well makes you feel! Add in daily movement, mental health practices and a spiritual connection and you will find yourself feeling brand new from the inside out.

The recipes you’ll find here are what we like to call “healthy comfort food” — delicious, approachable recipes with short ingredient lists, easy to follow instructions and healthier substitutions that don’t skimp on flavor. I’m inspired by recipes I’ve grown up with cooking with my mom, food I’ve tasted in Dallas and throughout our travels around the world, recipes I’ve seen on television or in magazines and of course, through scouring Instagram and Pinterest. Each and every recipe is made with love!

No matter how you ended up here, I’m so happy that you are! Let’s make every day – in and out of the kitchen – a little savvier.