4 Tips on How to Improve Your Pilates Form

Whether you’ve been going for a year or are just starting out, these tips will help you get your best workout yet!

Today, we’re going to focus on small improvements in your practice that make a major difference in your burn!

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Here are my top tips for improving your Pilates form:

  1. For all variations of bear: keep your back flat and hips level with your shoulder blades when bending and extending your legs.
  2. All lunges (on and off platforms): keep your knee back above your heel when lifting, not allowing knee to bend over toes.
  3. All presses off T-bars: press with your heel rather than your arch to full engage your booty.
  4. All trunk curls: curl in only until your hips hover over your knees, holding tension until you release forward.

I hope you learned something new!

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