My Top 10 Best Coffee Shops In Dallas, TX

Dallas boasts a vibrant coffee scene – whether you’re on the hunt for the punchiest cold brew, the perfect Australian flat white or the best-tasting drip, there’s something for every coffee lover! From the heart of downtown to the quieter neighborhoods of Dallas, these local coffee shops will not disappoint. Here’s a roundup of the 12 best local coffee shops in Dallas, where you can enjoy a great cup of coffee and a welcoming atmosphere!

1. Merit Coffee Co.

With locations in Highland Park, Preston Hollow Village, Preston Forest and Lakewood, Merit Coffee Co. is a gem among Dallas coffee shops. Known for their exceptional coffee, they source beans from small batches, ensuring every cup is top-notch. Their vanilla almond milk latte is my favorite in town! If you’re in the mood for something different, their seasonal drinks won’t disappoint – especially their fun-flavored matcha drinks. Not to mention they offer Taco Deli tacos every day of the week until they’re sold out. So yum!

With plenty of seating indoors and out, it’s perfect for meeting up with friends or getting some work done. Download their app so that you can order ahead of time if you’re on the go!

Courtesy of Merit Coffee

2. La La Land Kind Cafe

La La Land Kind Cafe is not just about coffee; it’s about spreading kindness! This day cafe has a cozy atmosphere, offering delicious food like The Queen avocado toast (rustic bread, cream cheese, avocado, lemon zest and chili flakes – so good!). Their matcha lattes and oat milk drinks are favorites among regulars like me! And don’t miss the La La Latte (with espresso or Matcha) that is topped with their Cloud … it’s heaven! With an outdoor patio and a welcoming space, it’s an ideal spot for coffee lovers looking to relax.

La La Land has locations all over North Dallas, including Lovers Lane, Oak Lawn, Lakewood, inside Northpark Mall, Addison, Richardson and Plano. La La also has an app for you to order your coffee and treats ahead of time, so be sure to download as the cafes can get quite busy.

Courtesy of La La Land Kind Cafe

3. LDU Coffee

LDU Coffee is a hidden gem in North Dallas! This Australian-owned cafe specializes in flat whites and other espresso drinks. The minimalist decor and friendly staff make it a favorite coffee shop for many – I love the no-nonsense approach to drinks – it’s just GOOD coffee! Their iced coffee is perfect for a hot Texas day, and their quick bites will satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank. My favorite LDU is on Preston Road near Lovers Lane.

Courtesy of LDU Coffee

4. Sadelle’s

Sadelle’s is a popular brunch and lunch restaurant in Highland Park Village that offers a chic coffee and to-go bar on one side of the restaurant. With its picture-worthy aesthetic it is a fave among coffee and matcha enthusiasts. Taking residence in the former Royal Blue Grocery spot, it offers a wide selection of espresso-based drinks, matchas and other teas alongside some dang good food – don’t miss their breakfast tacos! Not to mention, their expansive seating options on the outdoor patio make it the perfect destination for enjoying your drink in the fresh air!

Courtesy of Sadelle’s

5. Berkley’s Market on Knox

Nestled in the vibrant Knox Street district, Berkley’s Market stands out as a unique destination for both coffee enthusiasts and gourmet food lovers. This specialty market and cafe offers an inviting atmosphere with a blend of modern chic and cozy charm. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick bite, enjoy a leisurely coffee break, or shop for artisanal groceries, Berkley’s Market caters to all your needs. Along with their great tasting coffee, they offer a specialty market, a wine bar and a small but poignant menu.

Courtesy of Knox Street Dallas

6. Sugar and Sage Bakery & Coffee

Sugar and Sage is owned by a Park Cities mother/daughter duo (so cute!) and is located on Lovers Lane just West of Preston Road. The cafe itself is very cute with a rustic chic interior and a really pretty back patio to sip and relax on. Now onto their coffee – they serve Dallas-based Noble Coyote coffee and offer a wide array of espresso and matcha drinks. Their baked goods are beautiful, fresh and delicious, from cookies and cupcakes to pepperoni pizza rolls and profiteroles with prosciutto and pimento cheese. YUM! You can’t miss this cute, up and coming spot in University Park!

Courtesy of Sugar and Sage Bakery

7. Ascension Coffee

Ascension Coffee, located in the Design District, offers a sophisticated coffee experience. This is WAY more than just a coffee shop – Ascension is more like a restaurant cafe that specializes in delicious espresso drinks as well. Their food is top notch — I love their avocado toast with whipped ricotta, the brunch burger and the Mediterranean bowl especially!

Don’t miss the The welcoming space and beautiful decor make it a great place to spend your morning or afternoon. Their selection of wines and cheeses also makes it a great evening spot.

Courtesy of Dallas Design District

8. Cafe Duro

Nestled in the bustling neighborhood of the M Streets/Greenville area, Cafe Duro is a new cafe brought to us by Duro Hospitality, of The Charles, El Carlos Elegante and Mister Charles fame. The cafe is European-inspired, with a walk-up espresso counter, bar tops and cute patio seating for when it is cooler. The decor of Cafe Duro is chic and “Instagrammable” with their gorgeous mix of stones, unique tiled floor and pops of turquoise throughout. The cafe offers house-made pastries (try the !!), Italian paninis, a beer & wine menu along with plenty of delicious coffee drinks to choose from. Definitely put Cafe Duro on your list!

Courtesy of Cafe Duro

9. Drip Coffee

In Dallas, Drip Coffee stands out with its commitment to quality and community. They offer a variety of coffees, including a fantastic cold brew and a rich, smooth flat white. The cafe has plenty of tables and free WiFi, making it a great place for studying or working remotely. Drip also offers breakfast tacos, delicious baked goods and very quick service.

Courtesy of Drip Coffee

10. White Rock Coffee

White Rock Coffee, with its original location near the beautiful White Rock Lake, is a popular spot among locals. Known for their extensive menu and variety of coffees, they cater to all tastes. They also have a very large food menu, with breakfast items, sandwiches and salads for lunch, plenty of pastries and even dessert! Their signature drinks like the white chocolate mocha are simply delightful. The cafe also features local artists’ work, adding a touch of community to every outpost.

Courtesy of White Rock Coffee

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for the next hidden gem or just someone who enjoys a great cup of coffee, these local coffee shops in Dallas have something to offer. From the cozy atmospheres and delicious food to the variety of coffees and welcoming spaces, each spot provides a unique experience that’s sure to satisfy your coffee cravings. Next time you’re in Big D, be sure to visit these top coffee shops and discover your new favorite spot.

Happy caffeinated adventures!

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    Hello, fellow writer and editor here. I never leave comments on blogs but absolutely had to, being the coffee lover that I am.

    First of all, I’m THRILLED to see Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters make #2 on the list. It’s my watering hole, and absolutely deserves a spot high on the list. Thank you! Oak Cliff seldom gets the representation it deserves in any roundup article in Dallas.

    However, it does not serve oat milk flat whites. Never has, never will! Its entire schtick is keeping a simple menu guests can count on, and part of that, is only serving cow’s milk. They don’t do alternatives.

    Secondly, as a resident of South Dallas just a hop, skip, and a jump from Deep Ellum and Bishop Arts, I have to say there is not a La La Land nor a Sugar + Sage in sight around these parts. Please fact check and up date the locations.

    If you really want to represent these areas, just pull up a map, or ask.

    Thanks for listening,
    Fellow coffee lover in South Dallas but also an editor

  2. Cultivar coffee in East Dallas didn’t make the list, they are incredible.

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