What to Tell a Twin Mom-To-Be

How to support twin mamas-to-be!

“You’re gonna have your hands full!”

“Uh oh, double trouble!”

“The first years is SO hard but then it gets better!”

“Twins?! Did you mean to have two?!”

These are just a few of the funny things I heard when I was pregnant. While some were lighthearted, others simply reminded me of how overwhelming this already-monumental change in my life would be.

Simply put, supporting your twin moms-to-be is easy! All you need to say when is “Well, there is no one more capable than you to handle two.” Telling them they’re going to be in over their head=not helpful. ALL moms-to-be wrestle with doubts about their capabilities during their pregnancies and twin moms-to-be especially. There are times when two IS stressful—but it’s also doubly beautiful and unique, too. Raising all babies is a big job but there’s no one more equipped to raise them than you, mama.

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