hi, i’m cayla!

Green. Clean. Organic. Non-GMO. Gluten-Free, Paleo, non-dairy, low-carb, detoxing and minimalistic. There are so many diet and lifestyle trends in our ever-changing society that figuring out what is actually “healthy” can oftentimes be a bit more challenging than it maybe should.

I love food; planning it, selecting it, preparing it, sharing it and, but of course, eating it!!! But just as many of our relationships in life, sometimes that love brings with it some stress. The simplest “what am I going to make for dinner tonight?” quite often can induce extreme mid-afternoon anxiety, after all.

My goal is to help you navigate the delicious world we live in through health-conscious recipes that make cooking (and eating!!) more fun and satisfying without busting the calorie bank.

Though cooking is my first passion, I love fitness, music, fashion and traveling, all which I hope to share with you! Let’s make every day – in and out of the kitchen – a little savvier.


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