I will do better.

It’s Monday just under a week after #blackouttuesday and here we are, and if you’re anything like me you’re probably feeling a mix between defeated and hopeful. I took last week off of social media and recipe posting to listen, reevaluate, reconsider, reassess how racial injustice has been vastly overlooked for too long. How a history of systemic racism has created a pattern of viewing Black lives as “disposable.” How I can be a better ally to the Black community with this platform that I have. Though it pains me deeply to consider all the inhumanity we as a country are responsible for, the silver lining is that we are being forced to facing racism head-on.

I’ve always considered myself as an ally to all people of color, but I promise to do better. In my heart of hearts I believe it’s not enough to be not racist, it’s time to be actively and vocally anti-racist (thank you, Angela Davis). I want to work on educating myself and being okay with getting uncomfortable, because that is how the Black community feels every. single. day. I’m committed to taking a hard stance against racism in every day interactions, apparent or subtle.

Going forward I want to bring light to the influence that so many other cultures have had on my cooking. Food is love, and I believe by sharing in food from others we’re essentially sharing each other’s stories. Every recipe comes from somewhere in the world and I think that is what makes cooking so incredibly special!! Yesterday I shared a photo of some BBQ pork ribs we grilled over the weekend, along with some history of how Black culture has influenced and shaped the BBQ world today. I want to continue to lift up Black voices, culture, influence, PEOPLE as much as I can whenever I can.

I read something today that resonated deeply with me, and forgive me while I paraphrase: “Before 2020 there was so much noise. So much busyness. A global pandemic forced us to be quiet, and we could no longer sweep everyday racism under the rug.” Though I feel like we have a long way to go to combat ideology, we have to start somewhere. Why not in the kitchen? I vow to continue to amplify the beautiful Black voices in the food and wellness space (and beyond) to ensure that Black Lives Matter isn’t just a week-long trend. Because “matter is the minimum. Black lives are worthy, beloved and needed.”

Thank you for listening <3

quote sources: @spirtualword, @girlpartyshop

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