Baby Delivery Hospital Bag Packing Recommendations

We are officially 30 weeks along! Mind blowing.

Carrying twins comes along with a lot of variables, first and foremost being *when* our little loves will make their appearance into the world. With singleton babies, 40 weeks is full term and where you get your due date from via your doctor. But with two babies in one belly, space is limited and growth can start to slow around weeks 32-34. Our “full term” would be 37 weeks.. aka less than 50 days! With that being said, we are truly on the home stretch. Time to get our hospital bag packed!!!

I reached out on Instagram for recommendations on what to bring for our stay from all the mamas who have much more experience than me. Though many might seem like common sense, SO many of the suggestions were eye opening for me! I’ve organized the reccos into categories below.


Joyaria pajamas on Amazon feel just like Eberjey but are half the price so you don’t feel bad if they stained.”

“A comfy long robe and button down sleep shirts.”

“Everyone is going to say you’ll be cold… but I was HOT! One short sleeve PJ dress, just in case!”

“If you’re nursing, a nursing friendly robe and a soft nursing bra. I liked the Bao Bei!”

“Shower shoes! Rubber flip flops are perfect.”

“Bring your own hospital gown — Kindred Bravery has great options.”

“Soft socks with grips on the bottom or loose slippers for walking around post-delivery.”

“A silk eye mask for sleeping!”

“Don’t forget to pack a loose but cute outfit for you to wear home.”


“CHAPSTICK. Hospitals get SO dry and the epidural will dry you out as well.”

“Dry shampoo is a must!”

“Makeup remover/facial cleansing wipes were so great for feeling fresh without leaving bed.”

“I loved having my nice shampoo, conditioner and body wash from home. The hospital provides but it’s very standard!”

“Rose water or something similar for your face.”

“I loved that I had under eye patches that were cooling and depuffing.”

“Travel sized skincare products, especially moisturizer, face oil and lip balm. The hospital air and the epidural DRIED MY SKIN OUT.”

“Pack some stool softeners and take them as soon as you get in your post-partum room!”

“Body and hand lotion!!”

“Don’t forget hair ties and/or scrunchies. You probably won’t use claw clips because you’ll want to lay your head back on the bed!”

“If you are having a C-section… shave your bikini area yourself otherwise they DRY SHAVE you. I’ve heard horror stories about razor burn!”

“Hairdryer was so nice to have!”


“Mini fan or stroller fan charged up! Labor gets HOT.”

“Extra long phone charging cord to reach your hospital bed or an external battery pack – just make sure it’s charged :).”

Dimmable travel light or small lamp was a game changer for night feedings.”

Battery powered candles for night wakings so you can see without the overhead lights. Also keeps the room zen!”

“I brought a strand of Christmas lights for ambience!”

Portable speaker! Most hospitals will let you play music during labor — even during C-sections!”

“Bring a sound machine for sleeping or you can download ‘Atmosphere’ app for your phone.”

“Roku/Apple TV/Fire Stick so you can watch what you actually want on the hospital room TVs! Much easier than figuring out their set up.”

“Magazines and/or your Kindle — for your partner too!”

“I liked having my Airpods for listening to podcasts when I was up at night and my partner was sleeping.”


“Your own plush comfy blanket! Like a Barefoot Dreams blanket. Didn’t have this and I WISH I had.”

“Bring your own pillow in a pillowcase that’s not white so hospital staff won’t mistake it for their own.”

“I really appreciated having my own towels. They have them at the hospital but they are thin and small!”

Post-Partum Musts

Depends underwear— I did not like the hospital pads!”

“Coconut oil for nips- I found it far more superior to lanolin if breastfeeding!”

Frida Mom Peri Bottle is a must for when home but I also used in hospital! Take all the post-partum stuff they give you home too.”

“Was happy to have nipple butter with me versus what the hospital had.”

Hazel pads and/or wipes… also get Dermoplast pain spray!”

For the Cooler/Mini Fridge

“Try to eat before you go to the hospital because you could be fasting for A LONG TIME. Pack a lot of snacks – I loved fresh fruit after delivering!”

Yeti cooler for drinks, fresh fruit, juices, breakfast etc.”

“Coconut water was SO delicious after delivery!”

“SNACKS! Lots. You will be so hungry after delivery!”

“Different drink options like Vitamin Water, sparkling water, Gatorade, etc.”

“More for your partner but canned coffee/whatever they like for quick energy boosts.”

“A frozen margarita ready to go! Haha.”

For your Partner

“A sleeping bag – it gets SO cold in the hospital!”

“We brought a blow up mattress and my husband slept soundly!”

“Pillow and blanket of course but also an egg crate mattress pad! Makes the pull out bed so much comfier.”

“Make sure they pack jackets/sweatshirts. Hospitals and birthing centers get really cold!”

“Advil or Tylenol. A lot of partners get headaches from not sleeping well/lights/noises of the hospital and the hospital is not able to give them anything, even OTC meds.”

“Airpods and laptop to keep them busy!”

For the Baby/Babies

“Don’t forget cute take home outfits for the babies. Bring premie size, newborn size and 0-3… you never know!”

Electronic nail file for the babies. They come out with CLAWS!”

“Breastfeeding pillow like the Boppy to lay the babies on while you learn to feed/breastfeed.”

“Don’t forget to take home the newspaper and save for their birthdate.”

“A baby hair brush! My babies all came out with LOTS of untamable hair haha!”

“What you DON’T need: diapers, wipes, swaddles, diaper rash cream, bottles.”


For the Nurses!

“Little treats for your nurses (AM and PM) and your doctor!”

Anything missing? Add to the list in the comments below!


  1. Don’t forget your baby book(s) or page for hand/foot prints.
    Spiral notebook for feeding/diaper times. And the millions of things you’ll want to remember from dr/nurses/special moments.

    1. Thank you Amy!!

  2. Bring your own meds to show what you’re on, but let the hospital administer all your meds. This is really important in case anything does go wrong.

    Try to not overpack. It’s not fun trying to get everything and everyone out the door. Use what they have when you’re there, and have your postpartum care setup at home.

    I recommend gum! The nurses don’t want you having much water while in labor and your mouth can get really dry.

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